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October 26, 2004 by Robert Guinness
In my last essay, I listed the Three Big E’s of Energy, Environment, and Education as the most important issues to me in this election. In this essay, I will focus on one, Energy. I will admit that many will see it as a stretch as to how Energy policy relates to Catholic teaching, but please bear with me for at least 5 minutes, and I’ll do my best to help you see why.

What Is It?

As a physicist, I’ll cite one of our most famous equations: E=mc2 (I promise this will be the only equation I’l...
October 21, 2004 by Robert Guinness
In recent decades, Catholics, making up roughly one-quarter of the U.S. electorate, have become an important swing voter group. While they have traditionally voted with the Democratic party, evidence shows that a massive swing to support Republicans in the 1980's decided the 1980 and 1984 elections for Reagan, and the 1988 for Bush. In 2000, however, Catholics split nearly evenly between Bush and Gore. Even a small shift from this balance could decide the 2004 election, especially since the port...
October 19, 2004 by Robert Guinness
I put together this website with a list of resources for Christians who are trying to decide who to vote for. Yes, I am fairly "partisan" at this point in the campaign, but I tried to include mostly nonpartisan resources.

Let me know what you think.
September 22, 2004 by Robert Guinness
This morning I flipped on C-SPAN a little bit early to hear President Bush's address to the General Assembly of the United Nations. To my benefit, I got to hear Brazil's President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, give his speech, who went right before Bush. As I listened to his words, I couldn't help but feel inspired. He painted a sad but true picture of the world and the problems we faced.

He addressed terrorism, but he did not focus on it, invoking the words of FDR, "The only thing we need to ...
September 10, 2004 by Robert Guinness
I'll write more about my fourth Kerry rally experience later, but for now check out this excerpt from the message I sent to KerrySpace for a general idea of how the experience went...


This is just a somewhat quick message to let you know that I
personally handed a folder to Senator Kerry this morning,
and said, "Will you promise me you will read this?"

He said, "Yes, I will read it."

I continued, "You *promise*?"

"Yes, I promis...
August 25, 2004 by Robert Guinness
The Next Maradona: Carlos Tevez
Continue to enjoy the article below, but also check out my new site:!

Having watched Carlos Tevez all summer long--first in Copa Libertadores, then in Copa America, and finally in the Olympics--I am convinced that he is now on the level of the best football players in the world.

At a ripe age of 20, he has already won the South American under-20 championship, the Argentine Title, the Copa Libertadores, and the Intercontinental Cup. In 2003, ...
August 20, 2004 by Robert Guinness
today marks a great day for the cardinals. 40 wins at home, 40 away. and its only the 20th of August!

also another interesting fact. for the first time in our history, we have 3 players with 30 home runs. did i mention it's only the 20th of august?

go cardinals, go! this could be the best season ever!!!!!!!

August 20, 2004 by Robert Guinness
i don't really feel like writing, but i'm trying to force myself. i'll at least mention what i did today.

i left grandpa's at about 1:30, went home to parent's house to pick up a few things. played a little soccer with joe. went back to the csc. helped terry with moving some boxes. played a little soccer. worked on computers. copied some cds. went to play pick-up game of soccer. i really sucked there.

game home. watched baseball. tried to call shanell, but the number was busy all night. sh...
August 16, 2004 by Robert Guinness
suddenly the text is big for the articles in my blog. they get cut off halfway at the bottom. is anyone else having this problem? is anyone else seeing it on my page?

i'm not doing anything differently from what i normally do, and i've had the problem on two different computers, so i'm at a loss as to what happened. maybe some setting on joeuser changed. any ideas?
August 11, 2004 by Robert Guinness
With 35 games over .500, the St. Louis Cardinals remain the best team in baseball.
August 11, 2004 by Robert Guinness
There is a park by my house that has three public water fountains more or less right next to each other. One is very old looking, but still works quite well. The second is nearly identical in size and shape, but looks a bit newer. The third is very new and modern looking with a quite different size and shape. They all, however, let spout out a clean, cold stream of fresh water, that provides a welcomed respite on a hot summer day.

It turns out, this park and its history of water fountains is ...
August 10, 2004 by Robert Guinness
Republicans often try to discredit John Kerry by saying he is a waffler, i.e. he changes his position on issues. They often use the example that he voted "for the war in Iraq" but "against the $87 billion to support the troops". This claim is either a sign that the purveyor of this misstatement fails to understand basic government, or it is a deceptive distortion, which in plain language, we call a lie.

Kerry did not "vote for the war" nor did anyone else in the Congress because there never w...
August 9, 2004 by Robert Guinness
Does anyone know where I could find the statistics for abortions carried out in the US from 2000 to present? I've searched for hours and come up with next to nothing. Please help!

Even if you don't care about the data, hopefully someone will want to show off their google skills!
August 9, 2004 by Robert Guinness
Please post a comment after you read this, if even to say, "I read it, and was not persuaded by it at all."


The Case Against George W. Bush

By Ron Reagan

It may have been the guy in the hood teetering on the stool, electrodes
clamped to his genitals. Or smirking Lynndie England and her leash. Maybe it
was the smarmy memos tapped out by soft-fingered lawyers itching to justify
such barbarism. The grudging, lunatic retreat of the neocons from their
long-standing assertion th...
August 5, 2004 by Robert Guinness
Just in case you can't wait for my personal account of today's rally, here is the article from our local paper:

Kerry, Edwards greet thousands at rally
Of the Post-Dispatch

Sen. John Kerry (left) and Sen. John Edwards

The Democratic presidential ticket chose the site of Harry Truman's 1948 victory speech to launch its 1,800-mile campaign tour. Campaign workers said one of the cars on the train was used by Harry Truman on his whistle-sto...