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Published on August 16, 2004 By Robert Guinness In Life Journals
suddenly the text is big for the articles in my blog. they get cut off halfway at the bottom. is anyone else having this problem? is anyone else seeing it on my page?

i'm not doing anything differently from what i normally do, and i've had the problem on two different computers, so i'm at a loss as to what happened. maybe some setting on joeuser changed. any ideas?

on Aug 16, 2004
If your using IE go to View - text size - medium to see if that fixes it. Your page looks fine to me, but if I change my text size to largest, I can duplicate the cutting off of text that you mentioned
on Aug 16, 2004
thanks. that did the trick. i thought that could be the problem, but thought it was a strange conincidence that it was the same on two different computers. i should have just checked the text size setting though. thanks again.