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May 29, 2008 by The Way
I'm writing an exposé on homosexuality. I'm not sure what will become of it in the end, but I invite you to make comments as I go along.


Growing up, especially during adolescence, we all encounter a variety of influences that help to shape our values and worldviews. For me, growing up in a Roman Catholic family and attending public elementary schools in the relatively liberal town of Webster Groves, Missouri, my influences were varied and sometimes conflicting. While my parents...
July 16, 2004 by Robert Guinness
I just heard that a friend of mine from high school died tragically. We were good friends freshman year. I even went with his family on their family vacation to Florida over spring break. We started to drift apart somewhat around sophomore year. We remained friendly throughout high school, but didn't hang out too that often. I still always enjoyed his company and considered him a friend. We just became different people.

I drank my first bottle of wine with him on New Year's 1996. He had two ...
February 16, 2004 by Robert Guinness
Well, I should be working right now, but I was so excited when I checked JoeUser Monday morning and found that we had some posts on our blog ring site...I just had to take some time for a quick post!

There are still a few kinks in the road (The group blog feature is a new one, so I think they are still working out some bugs and adding more features.) Right now it is pretty hard to actually find the posts. I'm going to email the administrator of this site (I've already had significant communic...