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To Blog or Not to Blog
Published on March 10, 2005 By Robert Guinness In Life Journals
I'm Torn. I want to keep up some sort of "public" chronicles of my usually boring, but sometimes interesting life, so that friends, family, and strangers can occasionally be updated about my life, should they feel so inclined as to type in my sole stationary coordinates (i.e. this universal resource locator). Of course, I keep my closest friends, family, and strangers up-to-date via more traditional means, but sometimes (almost always), I'm pretty bad about following through on my otherwise intended phone calls, emails, letters, birthday cards, and visits.

Anyways, so I want to keep this blog somewhat up-to-date for the reasons mentioned above. But I also want to write a little more UNpublicly (also known as privately) accounting tales and thoughts that I wouldn't otherwise share with just any friend, family member, or stranger. The more traditional method I utilize for this purpose is a private journal. But I kind of like this idea I've been experimenting with of publishing an online anonymous blog under a pseudonym. That way I can have some type of readership, but they won't know my identity so it won't matter if I share personal things. Of course there is always the chance someone will link my pseudonym to my identity. A teacher once told me, "If there is something you don't want anyone to know about it, whatever you do, don't write it down." I think this is pretty good advise, but at the same time, I like to write even my most embarrassing, and/or private things down, less I forget about them myself. And having an anonymous online version of those things means maybe I can get some feedback on such things. I also just enjoy having my "journal" online because then I myself can view it anywhere in the world, and I generally prefer typing in a computer to writing by hand, so the blog format will be standardized and all stored in the same place, no matter what computer I'm using in any corner of the world. It sure beats carrying around all these little journals when I travel, which I tend to lose anyways.

Anyways, to cut to the chase, I think what I've decided to do is maintain a public, personalised blog to update friends, family, and strangers about my occasionally exciting life at a regular clip of about once a month (a monthly Rob newsletter, if you will). As well, I will maintain a personal but published blog using a pseudonym in some far off poorly linked corner of the internet. Not sure how much I'll use it. Maybe more often than the public blog, maybe less, I guess depending on how much I enjoy the exercise.

One thing I want to avoid, however, is writing about the same things twice. It seems like it'd be a waste of time and energy. Thus, my public blog may in fact just be excerpts from my more verbose personal blog, a "cleaned up" version of it, I suppose.

So yeah, that's all for now. I guess I'll start this process sometime tomorrow. For now, it's time to hit the hay.

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