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The Road to a Revolution
Published on November 12, 2004 By Robert Guinness In Movie Reviews
I just saw the movie The Motorcycle Diaries. Beautiful movie, and beautiful story. I hope everyone sees it. It makes you think a lot about the injustice in the world, and what we should do about it. It also shows some great shots of some of the most beautiful places and people in the world.

Check it out.


on Nov 14, 2004
Hi Robert!

I agree that it was a beautiful movie and worth seeing. One of the scenes that moved me the most is when he crosses the river. In this scene we physically can see his belief that the "healthy" shouldn't be separated from the "ill", also implying the division of race and social class. I liked what you wrote about great shots of some of the most beautiful places, the photography from this movie is amazing. I strongly recommend the soundtrack!

Let's stay in touch
on Nov 14, 2004
Hi Ximena!

Yes, the river crossing was my favorite part two. It also showed the people that they don't need anything special to break through the divisions that were keeping the two classes of peope apart. All they need is willpower and the human spirit. And indeed that's all we need to break down the many divisions and barriers in our world.

Thanks for writing Ximena! I hope you write more on, and I look forward to exploring South America with you in February!