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What is it telling me?
Published on August 3, 2004 By Robert Guinness In Current Events
1:23 am

I woke up suddenly from a dream, and I am no longer tired.

I was in the Catholic Student Center office, along with a group of many other people meandering about. The CSC was a little different though. It was as if it was in a dorm or something. It seemed like it was in one of the “new dorms”

Two men, a large one and a scrawny one, walked into the office and yelled something. It was something incomprehensible. Or at least I don’t remember what it is now, but it was sort of like a “Eureka!” type yell.

Then, music started, and they started dancing. It was like they were putting on a “demonstration,” in a theatrical, artistic way, of what gay marriage would be like. They danced comically, they kissed a little, a few times they even motioned as if they were humping each other. It wasn’t terribly vulgar though. More intended to be comical. As if they were mocking themselves and saying ironically, “Look how horrible gay marriage is. Can’t you just not bear to stand it?!” Sister Linda shielded her eyes, but in almost a joking way.

Finally, they stopped, and without a word, packed up their things as if they were about to leave. Suddenly, the big one reached back and punched the little one in the face. He went flying back into the wall and caused a big impression where his body had broken the dry wall. A big loud sound of glass shattering had rung out when the big one’s fist had hit the little one’s face. Actually, I can’t really remember if it sounded when it hit his face, or when he hit the wall. In either case, it was not the sound expected either when one gets punched in the face, or when one hits a dry-wall wall, and it was very loud.

The little one got up, and sort of brushed over the indentation, as if surprised, “oops, I did that?” But it was clear from his gestures that he wasn’t really going to do anything about it.

Then, without saying a word, they started to walk out of the office. Surprisingly (to me), everyone else was sort of applauding and laughing, as if “wow, that was a great show, and a great way to make a statement” I myself, started to run after the two who were now walking away down the hall.

“Hey, you guys! Wait up.”

Everyone else sort of gasped like, “No, Robert, let them go. Don’t be rude.”

I continued anyways, “Uh, nice show guys, but don’t you think you should give us your names or something in case we want to have you pay to fix our wall?”

They were like, “Oh, yeah, I guess so.” And they showed me their student IDs from our university.

Then, I suddenly woke up.

It is 1:40 am, and I am now completely awake. I feel as if I couldn’t go back to sleep easily if I tried. I think I am just going to stay up. I went to bed early anyways, and I have a lot do to tomorrow (today). There is also nothing I have to do today so time specific, so if I get tired in the afternoon, I can always take a nap.

Oh, by the way. One of the things I have to do today (anytime before 7pm) is go to the polls and vote whether or not to change the Missouri Constitution to ban homosexual marriages.

Useful links for Missouri Voters:

Missouri's Law Banning Gay Marriage

Proposed Constitutional Ammendment Banning Gay Marriage

Missouri Constitution

on Aug 03, 2004 been watching too many of those penn & teller things on sho-time
on Aug 03, 2004
nope. never seen that, and i don't have showtime.